Zify among the 50s european’s thriving tech companies


Instant & flexible carpooling app for short & medium distance daily commute Zify has been nominated among the 50 most promising european tech companies honoured in the 2018 edition of the Digital Top 50 Awards (DT50).

Anurag Rathor, CEO and founder has been invited to this year’s Tech Open Air 2018, held in Berlin from June 19 – 22, to introduce the app.

The DT50s is a joint project of Google, McKinsey & Company, and Rocket Internet to recognize the most promising Start-ups and Scale-ups, who will be Europe’s digital market leaders of tomorrow, as well as a Tech for Social Impact company.

Launched in 2015, Zify is one of the leading Mobility-as-a-Service startup having operations in France, Germany, India, Switzerland and Ireland.

Its flagship product Zify is a dynamic and reactive mobile application based on AI for short and medium-distance urban journeys, helping individuals to lower their transport costs, reduce congestion and make our cities more sustainable. Zify also allows small and large companies to reduce their costs, increase employee engagement, meet their sustainability goals and significantly reduce their carbon footprint.

The start-up has had incredible success in a sometimes difficult market that includes 40 million vehicles and 90% of solo commuters.

Since 2017 the company has moved its headquarters to Paris as the founding team were winners of the 2017 French Tech Ticket global competition, the program designed to attract international startups to France. Zify was one of the 10 companies chosen for the inaugural Techstars Paris Accelerator class in 2017. They have set up in Partech Shaker startup campus of the French capital city and continue their rapid growth in France.

Anurag Rathor, CEO has also announced a the renewal of a deal with Francaise des Jeux, which is the operator of France’s national lottery games, their Techstars mentor, to use the vast network of FDJ centers (30,000 across France) as predefined pick-up and drop-off points.

Earlier in the year, in May, Zify had also been among the first companies to be awarded the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label from the World Alliance For Efficient Solutions led by Dr Bertrand Piccard. This label aims at proving the protection of the environment is profitable and is is granted to solutions who meet high standards of both sustainability and profitability after a strict assessment process performed by independent experts.

Anurag Rathor, CEO : « We are extremely honoured and proud to be one of Digital Top 50 Startups in Europe, a list curated by leading companies such as Google, McKinsey and Rocket Internet, to recognise leading startups in Europe based on their traction, technology, and business potential. This signifies and proves our commitment of becoming the market leader in urban carpooling ».